The I Sempre Ghiotti product line was born thanks to the initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs with the common goal of creating a modern and dynamic company in the catering and restaurant sector.

Giving a unique experience through frozen food is our daily challenge. Thanks to the high quality and high production standards of the I Sempre Ghiotti line, we bring typical Sicilian recipes to tables all over the world. Ready-made foods that can be prepared quickly and easily (15 minutes in the oven), adapted to the desire of those who want to rediscover the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean diet.

By constantly monitoring the entire production chain, we ensure that the food retains its authenticity. Artisan production without the use of additives and immediate freezing at -40° are the added value that defines the high quality of the I Sempre Ghiotti line.

We are responding promptly to a demand that crosses regional and national borders using classic commercial channels (retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and large-scale distribution). In the current economic scenario dominated by the online world, the site is configured as a virtual showcase of our products, a bridge connecting realities that are already close to us and those that would like to be.

For information and specific requests, we are happy to meet your needs and help you promptly and effectively. Please contact us.